Normal Scratch Maps Too Ordinary For You? Get This large Map Of The World

Do you often visit your friends and they show their scratch off maps excitedly but you find yourself thinking it is too small or maybe commonplace? If your search for a large map of the world is bearing results of old age boring and dull maps and you are almost at your wits end to get the perfect scratch map, then look no further because the creative heads at Luckies of London have heard your pleas.

Scratch Map XL For Making A Bang: You would think that after being crowned the kings in scratch maps, Luckies of London will be just chilling at some beach but you would be completely off the mark. They know that the needs of their fellow travel enthusiast will never be met by the cheap knockoffs flooding the internet, some of them risking damage to the precious map by shipping them without any gift tube. With Scratch Map XL, they have come up with the dream product for someone looking for a large map of the world to track their adventures.

  • Scratching Made Easy: Scratch Map XL comes with a glossy white background with gold foil covering, hiding the vibrant colours filling the countries underneath. To start making your own personalized map of the world, all you need is a coin and because of its large size, you will have no trouble finding your travel destination or making any mistaken scratches anywhere else. Once you scratch off, you will be delighted to find out detailed topographic illustrations along with clear as a day names of the places.
  • Need A Map With State Lines? Got Your Covered: Luckies of London know that it would be totally unfair to not separate the large land of USA, Australia and Canada into states and provinces. That is why you get all the state lines and the boundaries between the countries are also clearly marked. Having trouble finding a tiny country? Use the handy legend below the map.
  • Love Exploring Cities? This large map of the world include major cities from all around the world so that you never miss any on your travel list.You can also uncover the smaller islands with this Scratch Map XL.
  • Interesting Facts:The bottom legend section contain interesting facts to keep increase your knowledge and best of all, these facts are hidden underneath a gold foil, meaning they are scratchable.

Summary: Scratch Map XL will fulfil the dreams of a large and sophisticated travel map for those who are very particular about everything.

Author Bio: Dennis Delany is a financial analyst who loves uncovering the smaller details and often finds himself traveling to lesser known places around the globe.