Impressive Ways to Incorporate a Romantic Look and Feel in Your Hotel Room

A hotel Room is where people spend quality time once in a while. Naturally, they always expect a romantic ambiance. From hotel lighting to interior decoration and furniture, a typical hotel room to offer a luxurious and romantic look and feel several considerations. Here we are going to provide some effective tips to introduce a romantic look and feel in your hotel rooms. As a hotelier, you will find these tips extremely helpful to ensure customer satisfaction and build a reputation.

Offers Guests Room Music

A guest steps into the room and just got an earful of his favorite music tracks! Certainly, it is going to surprise him or her with unthoughtful-of delights. Many hotels are already offering iPods with speakers to offer some entertainment twist to their guests. There cannot be a better idea to give your hotel ambiance a romantic feel than this.

Ambient Room Lighting

Would you walk into a room filled with dazzling lights? The answer will be an obvious and loud ‘No’, isn’t it? Well, all of us detest bright lights in our bedroom or even in living spaces. On the other hand, most of us like a soft and ambient light for cosy interior as they instantly create a sense of comfort and peace. When you consider offering best hotel lighting for your guests, remember this aspect. Remember, a soothing ambience is primarily created in any interior through appropriate lights.

Seasonal Flowers

There is nothing as romantic as the fresh colors of flowers adding subtle charm and color to a room. A beautiful vase full of fresh seasonal flowers handpicked from the hotel garden can just make your day. Always place flower vases facing the lights or windows or skylights.

Fragrant Rooms

How many times have you complained about the hotel room smelling of detergents? Well, it is a too common complaint among many travelers and people having frequent hotel stay. On the other hand, just remember those hotel rooms that always smelled fresh and fragrant. Obviously, good smell clings to your senses for way too long and creates a good impression.

Hotel Bedding

A romantic hotel stays with your special one will be spoiled without a comfy bed that looks good and feels lavish. From a designer bed sheet in soothing colors to warm, lightweight and feather soft comforters to adequate bedside lights, the hotel bedding needs to be given utmost attention to ensure comfort and luxury.

Quality Furniture

When a hotel Room gives you a feeling of a home-sweet-home, you actually feel yourself to be at a romantic place. Quality tick-wood furniture with simple low footprint design placed in a way to create more sense of space is crucial requirements for a good hotel room interior. You should also give attention to all little details including furnishings, curtains, covers, etc. For furnishings, light shades are always advisable in summer while darker shades will be more appropriate for winter.