Best Time to Visit Gran Canaria 2019 – Weather & Things to Do

Gran Canaria is the Canary’s third largest island and can be found close to the west coast of Northern Africa – therefore, you can expect a much hotter weather than in Spain, for example.

Throughout the year, the temperatures have no problem at staying above 20 degrees Celsius and there are no major weather events to occur.

Before getting in your Gran Canaria airport taxi, we recommend you to read the rest of our article, in order to find more about the weather and about the things you can do here as well.


The best weather and highest temperatures in Gran Canaria can be enjoyed from May and up until November. Between these two months, you can lie under the sun and enjoy an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.

The highs, on the other hand, can be experienced from July until October – the temperature has an average of around 26 degrees Celsius and can go up even to 28 degrees in August.

Naturally, you don’t have to worry about winter and cold if you are in Gran Canaria in the months that are usually very cold in other countries. From December and up until April, the nights remain pleasantly cool, without you having to get extra clothing on you.

When it comes to winter days, they have an average temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius, while the chance of severe rainfall is quite low.


The months of June, July, and August are entirely clear in terms of rainfall.

However, in December, January, and February there’s the risk of rainfall and even severe rainfall – the average is of 30mm in December, of 20-25mm in November, January, and February, and less than 15mm in the remaining months of the year.

Things to Do in Gran Canaria

As you have seen so far, you don’t have to worry about the weather while you are in Gran Canaria – you will mostly experience the heat of the sun and maybe some pleasant rainfall some days; but, overall, nothing to make you run away from the beautiful landscape and beaches it can offer.

And since we’re talking about beaches and the sun, then you might as well go on camelback and ride on some sand dunes. There’s an 8km long white beach that can be found in Maspalomas, which has huge sand dunes over half of the beach’s length.

If you don’t like being on camelback, you can choose horse riding, walking, or quad biking instead.

Of course, Gran Canaria is also a great place to improve your scuba-diving skills. There are plenty of dive sites for you to discover and explore throughout the island. We recommend diving in the El Cabron Marine Reserve if you want to take a look at the marine life that surrounds this place.

Of course, there are many more things that you can do after you get out of the Gran Canaria airport transfer and start exploring the island. It’s up to you to discover the things hidden throughout Gran Canaria.