3 Things to Do on Musandam Dibba Tour

People touring Dubai or planning on a Dubai tour would be looking for exciting new places to visit and experiencing Dubai in all its glory. The number of things a person can do in Dubai are unlimited. There are so many tourism sites and activities to enjoy that even a month of touring would not be enough. Among these places, there is a place tourists rarely gets to visit and that place is Musandam Dibba. The place or more like the coastline lies East to Dubai and is a popular tourist spot, even though people touring Oman gets to experience it the most.

However, there are a few tourism companies that offer Musandam Dibba tour from Dubai as part of their Dubai tour package. The place has its own charm and there are certain things you can do in Musandam Dibba that will add sparkle to your tour. You can visit this website to get more information about tour packages and what they entails. Musandam Dibba tour does not require a Visa for Oman since you only visit the coastline and don’t enter the country. That’s why most of the activities are marine related as well. With that said, here are a few things you must do in Musandam Dibba.

Sailing through the Fjords

The Fjords in Musandam are a sight to see, with tall red cliffs surrounding the bluest water, you could ever imagine. You can enjoy the scenic views of Musandam Fjords from a traditional wooden dhow cruise boat. The whole thing is about getting your fill of the nature’s majestic beauty. During the cruise, the guides usually give some time to the tourists for personal activities. You can take photographs in this time to preserve the memories.

Banana Boat Ride

If sailing in the serene waters isn’t your thing, the Musandam Dibba has other things to offer you that will suit your preference for excitement. One of these activities is the banana boat ride. Not only is this ride fun but also gives you a great adrenalin rush. You will need to ride the boat in a group, you can group up with your friends and family as well as your fellow tourists, either way the banana boat ride is not to be missed.


Along the coast line of Musandam Dibba, there are a lot of underwater activities tourists can enjoy. The most common and popular one among them is snorkeling. You can dive under water and see the various marine life present in the ocean. Snorkeling is different from deep sea diving, where you wear a scuba diving suit equipped with safety gears and venture into the depth of the sea. Snorkeling remains within a few meters under the water, there is not much danger and you can come up for air any minute you want. The gear or equipment for snorkeling are a few and simple as well. You must do this activity while touring the Musandam Dibba.